Where to Buy Cheap Surfboards on a Budget.

There are many great places to get surfboards that are cheap. People close to and far from the ocean need good deals on surfboards, because who doesn’t want to save money?

Surfers can purchase quality surfboards for cheap at online stores, such as eBay and Amazon. Costco and Sam’s Club are also great options because they offer nice boards for cheaper prices, especially at locations by the ocean. Surf shops often have sales and deals throughout the year as well.

There are many options to find cheap surfboards as well as places to go to that offer discounts. If you are local to the beach, then you likely already know where good surf shops are. If not, then knowing when to go to the beach for a cheaper board can be smart.


Amazon is a great place to look when finding deals on surfboards. Pretty much everyone uses Amazon already, so seeing if there are surfboards with great reviews and ratings will be great. You can set your budget for it and see if there are good quality boards within your price range, then test it out!

Amazon is really good about customer service, so if you are unsatisfied with your surfboard, then get a refund. No worries, no stress, and easy to return. If it is bad, then you will have money back for a new surfboard and you can try out a new one. You can find basically anything on Amazon, so try it out for your next surfboard and see how you like it.

eBay and Other Sites that Sell Used Items

If you’re okay with a lightly used surfboard as opposed to a brand new one, you could also look for one on eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or similar online resale platforms to find locals selling surfboards. If you search up locals on these websites and you find one you like, you can also always ask the seller if they’ll let you take a look at it before buying the board from them.

There are also online stores that are devoted to buying and selling used beginner boards, like Second Hand Boards, where they can still be pricey but you can find surfboards in good condition for a discounted price.

Costco and Sams Club

Sams Club and Costco store locations by the beach will sell surfboards leading up to and during the summer when surfing is at its height. Costco and Sams Club locations by a beach, lake, and other bodies of water will have things like surfboards, boogie boards, kyacks, canoes, paddleboards, durable floaties, and more during the summer.

These products are sold at a great value and have great quality. If you are looking for some fun summer activities, look at Costco and Sams Club! They will have summer products that will give you ideas for fun activities you can do by yourself or with family.


Walmart online will have great value options for you to get a nice surfboard. If you go to a Walmart that is located by the ocean, then you can likely find surfboards in person. Walmart and other stores similar will not have a good reason for holding those items in locations far away from bodies of water, but states like California will definitely have good boards.

You can also go to grocery stores and other general stores by the ocean and get a surfboard for a good price. They will also have fun sand toys for kids as well as other necessities like sunscreen, ice chests, snacks, swimsuits, flip flops, and more.

Local Surf Shops

Local surf shops will likely be a place for higher-priced boards. This is because the boards are handmade and can be custom-designed right there in the shop. So, they might give a punch to your wallet, but there are times when you can get them for cheap. Everybody loves a good sale, and you can find them at local shops as well.

It would be best to look at local shops in their off-season. Surf competitions are in winter and summer, so spring and fall might have some chances for you to get a deal. It really depends on the shop and how their sales are going, but normally they should have a range of lower to higher prices on boards.

Like other stores, you can also look for deals at the end of the month when stores want to reach their sales goals, and you can look to see if there are deals around holidays. These local shops do not have to have deals though because they are not a corporation, so whatever the business owner says goes and you need to simply be on the lookout for a deal at those shops.

Find Boards On Clearance

Many online surf shops like Surf Station Store and Real Water Sports will have clearance sales that will knock a couple hundred dollars off of the price of your surfboard.

There is a fairly wide price range presented in these options, with boards from Walmart costing $80 and boards costing $595 and up on clearance at Real Water Sports. Center for Surf Research says a beginner board can cost anywhere from $200-$600, so keep in mind that anything below that will likely not be as good in quality or last you very long. Big-name brands will be the most expensive, but you can find decently priced off-brand boards that will ride just as well.


Whether you live by the ocean or not, chances are you can find a neighbor that has a surfboard they want off their hands. It will be easier to find someone by the ocean looking to sell their board, but people far out from the coast will have boards too, and they will be more likely looking to sell theirs if they have one since they can’t use it.

Something you can do on a Saturday morning is to drive around and look for garage sale signs. Drive through neighborhoods and see if anyone is getting rid of surfboards. That way, you can find one in good condition for cheap.

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